A deadly supernova is threatening the existence of our entire universe! It's up to you to contain these massive powers of destruction, with the help of your spaceship, the Ortogonalis, a unique vessel with Hyperspace travel capabilities.


Contain the supernova by closing the hyperspace borders (blue borders). You do this by changing the color of the borders from Blue to Purple.
Don't let the supernova grow into it's maximum size, or else we're doomed!


There are only two buttons: A and Escape.

Button 'A' selects game, changes the direction of the spaceship, enters wormholes, and enters the blue borders.

It's important for you to keep track of the spaceships current direction.

Button 'Escape' pauses the game and restarts.

Use the first level for practice purposes. You'll need it in order to achieve highscores!

The faster you are with the controls, the more you'll score.


HTML5/CANVAS browser. Warning: I've noticed sound issues with chrome browsers. If possible use Firefox instead.

Made withPhaser

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